Sustainable & Green

​With the FN Worldgoals as a starting point, are we working towards implementing more sustainability in our everyday life, at the hotel.

In the kitchen, we always use our homegrown herbs and the flowers​from our surroundings, as nature allows it.

The kitchen also has a great focus on local produce, as well as the minimizing of frozen products.

All our bread is freshly made everyday from the breakfast buns, danish rugbrød to the sourdough buns for our evening guests.

​For our rooms we are working towards a bio degradable sortiment og hygiene products.

Likewise are we working on systems for rewarding our longer staying guests, when they don’t change their, towels and linen everyday.

In the new building, we optioned for having heated floors, which contributes to a lower energi use.

In the same rooms, we have had focus on using the windows for optimal sunlight/warmth.​

In the areas we don’t use constantly, we have switched our lightswitches with sensors.

We focus on the fact that our subcontractors, delivers with as little as possible packaging or that it is reusable. So that our trash is minimized.
The trash we do have, is sorted in all the different types, and is send to biofuels.

Regarding our staff, are trying to make sure that they don’t have to make heavy lifts.

This is done by serving carts, lightweight tables and other technical​assisting devices. To ensure a safe handling for our staff.

Our staff consists of a lot of different nationalities, which in turn gives us great diversity. All our employees are treated equally.

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Hotel BramslevGaard

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​Hotel Bramslevgaard ApS

​Bramslev Bakker 4

Valsgaard, 9500 Hobro

Telefon: +45 98 51 20 30


CVR: 36941081


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